What is ReMarksPDF?

ReMarksPDF iPad version

ReMarksPDF Desktop version

ReMarksPDF is an easy-to-use PDF editor for educators to annotate, collaborate and report on student electronic assessment submissions. ReMarksPDF is the ultimate e-Grading solution.

Key features of ReMarksPDF desktop versions include:

  • Mark on-line and off-line;
  • Interactive rubrics (Holistic, grading, etc);
  • Criterion-based grading;
  • Automatic insertion of text based comments, known as Auto Text;
  • Automatic insertion of sound based comments (enabling mark by voice), also known as Sounds;
  • Automatic insertion of video based comments (enabling links to streamed video);
  • Share text, sound and video comment libraries with colleagues over the Internet;
  • Associate marks, criteria and comments with student assessment;
  • Automatic addition of marks;
  • Highlight colours with designated meanings, or in other words, Colour code your documents;
  • Specialist stamps designed for marking, showing the emotion of the marker for more personalised feedback to students;
  • Ability to designate macros for Auto Text, Sounds, and Video links;
  • Handwriting and drawing tools;
  • Import and export .cvs database files, linking marking to student documents, and uploading to a reporting system.
  • Drag and drop dashboard graph gallery, indicating individual and relative student performance.
  • Style tool specifically designed to rapidly incorporate English Style and Grammar comments for essays, plus the ability to build specialist comment libraries in any discipline;
  • Advanced moderation capabilities enabling statistical and visual comparison of markers, individual and global moderation of student assessment;
  • Quality assurance tools;
  • Security;
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems - Blackboard 8 and 9.1 (SP 7-12) and Moodle 2.1 - 2.5.
  • Multilingual commentary (7 languages);
  • ReMarksPDF has been successfully evaluated in University marking trials.
  • Manuals training and support; and
  • Ease of use.

Introducing ReMarks PDF

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ReMarksPDF is also available to teachers and academics via purchase of site licenses. Teachers and academics should download the lite version and then Contact Us for a license key to unlock the full version and plugging to Moodle or Building Blocks for Blackboard.