About us – Details about ReMarksPDF Pty Ltd, staff and locations

Anyone can have a vision. At ReMarks we have transformed the vision of our clients and ourselves into a united passion for developing practical software for the secondary, vocational and tertiary education sectors. We are a vibrant collaborative organisation working with the sector to improve the way in which our clients interact with their students.

ReMarks is developing a range of products with a primary focus on student engagement and feedback management. These are keys to student retention, active engagement and student referrals.

We have created stand-alone products to assist with student marking, right through to enterprise level systems.

Implementation of mission critical software is a major undertaking requiring both a technological fit, support services (education, training, support, user forums), ongoing development and maintenance. At ReMarks we are here to assist you in achieving your goals.

Our enterprise systems are designed to link with existing student management and learning management systems.