ReMarks XML - Word 2007 and 2010 Integration Plugin for learning evaluation

Welcome to ReMarksXML, an easy-to-use addition to Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 for Windows for educators to annotate, collaborate and report on student electronic assessment submissions. ReMarksXML is equally useful for business and government users. This site introduces you to ReMarksXML and will assist you in understanding the software.

Key features of ReMarksXML include:

  • Automatic insertion of text based comments, known as auto comments;
  • Automatic insertion of sound based comments (enabling mark by voice), also known as auto sounds;
  • Share text and sound comment libraries with colleagues over the Internet;
  • Associate marks, criteria and comments with student assessment;
  • Automatic addition of marks;
  • Highlight colours with designated meanings, or in other words, Colour code your documents;
  • Specialist stamps designed for marking, showing the emotion of the marker for more personalised feedback to students;
  • Record or import sounds into a Word doc x document;
  • Import and export .cvs database files, linking marking to student documents, and uploading to a reporting system;
  • Drag and drop graph gallery, indicating individual and relative student performance; and
  • Style tool specifically designed to rapidly incorporate English Style and Grammar comments for essays, plus the ability to build specialist comment libraries in any discipline.

The ReMarksXML Toolbar

ReMarksXML Toolbar
The ReMarkXML toolbar consists of various tools. Some of which already exist in Microsoft Word but have been conveniently rearranged, and others , which are entirely new. The toolset includes:

Comments tools comprising:

ReMarksXML Auto Comment Tool

New Comment – which inserts a new comment.

Auto Comments – which inserts Auto Comments. Auto Comments can also be found on an associated online webservice enabling collaborative sharing of Auto Comments with colleagues.

Style – which inserts Style library Comments. Use the standard English Style library or create your own style library of comments for your subject or discipline. Share the style library with colleagues.

Felt Tip Pen – which includes Pen features for handwriting and drawing. A tablet PC or a connected tablet must be used to make use of this feature.

Highlighter Pen – which enables Highlighting of selected portions of the document. You can select a colour from the Format Colour feature.

Colour code – Colour code selected portions of the document. Colours can be assigned meanings and a colour key inserted for students to connect colours and meanings.

Draw Text Box – Draws a text box on the document.

Eraser Stop Ink – Erases annotations made in the document using ReMarksXML. The Erase also stops inking tools such as the Felt Tip Pen and Highlighter Pen.

ReMarksXML Format ToolsFormat tools comprising:

Colour – enabling the active colour to be changed.

Weight – enabling the weight of lines to be changed.

ReMarksXML Media ToolsMedia tools comprising:

Clip Art – Enabling Clip Art to be inserted into the document, including drawings, movies, sounds, or stock photography to illustrate a specific concept. ReMarks comes with tailor made stamps suitable for marking.

Insert voice – enabling you to record your own voice annotations into a document.

Auto Sounds – enabling the creation and insertion of Auto Sound voice annotations into a document. Auto Sounds can also be found on an online webservice enabling collaborative sharing of Auto Sounds with colleagues.

Attach – enabling you to attach files to a document.

ReMarksXML Management ToolsMark Tools

Mark tools – Enabling marks, grades and comments to be entered into the document. Mark Tools also enables the creation of criteria to be used with criterion based marking.

Database – Import and export .cvs database files, linking marking to student documents, and uploading to a reporting system.

Report Gallery – Drag and drop graph gallery, indicating individual and relative student performance.

ReMarksXML Management ToolsManagement tools comprising:

Cover Page – enabling the insertion of a standard or tailor made Cover page. A great way to include a rubric when assessing a student assignment.

Page colour – enabling you to alter the Page background colour, to increase visibility in different lighting conditions.

Mail – which generates a PDF of the document and prepares to email the PDF to a student whose email address you nominate.

Technical Information

ReMarksXML is written in C# (using the Microsoft SDK for the OOXML Format – ISO Standard – IS29500) and is an application which can be run stand-alone or in conjunction with an enterprise level e-submission assessment system. ReMarksXML is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms (Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Vista, and Windows 7), and XP tablet version.

ReMarksXML can be run without any special hardware other than that necessary to run the operating system. ReMarksXML can also be run with additional features in conjunction with a tablet or tablet PC. ReMarksXML can run on Apple OS X running Word 2007 for Windows using Bootcamp or Windows emulation software such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion.

ReMarksXML is designed to run on windows operating systems (XP, Vista, and 7). It can also be run on Apple MacOS X using emulation software. The Read-me file that comes with the software, includes detailed instructions on installation. ReMarksXML requires that both the Microsoft .net 3.5 framework and Microsoft Visual Studio are installed on your computer, before installing ReMarksXML. Both these products are available as a free download from Microsoft or can be automatically installed as part of the ReMarksXML installation procedure. If Microsoft .net 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio are already installed on your computer, ReMarksXML takes about 30 seconds to install. Otherwise the entire procedure takes about 20 minutes. Once installed, ReMarksXML sits as a tab on the Word 2007 ribbon. ReMarksXML embeds itself within Microsoft Word. All the normal features of Word 2007 are still available for use, but you now have the added functionality of ReMarksXML.