Licenses and Downloads – Questions concerning your license key and downloading ReMarksXML

Why does ReMarksXML offer both electronic downloads a well a shipping CD?

ReMarks offers electronic download of its products for several reasons:

  • Fast: It offers you immediate access to your software.
  • Flexible and Permanent: You have access to the download site 24 - 7. Your copy of ReMarksXML is always available.
  • Upgrades: You don’t have to worry about what version of the CD you have or wait for new versions to be sent to you in the mail. Electronic downloads mean you always have immediate and secure access to our most recent product releases.

ReMarks also offers it products on CD. You may consider this service if you have very limited bandwidth or download limits.

How do I download and install ReMarksXML?

When you purchase ReMarksXML you will receive a welcome email that explains how to download and install the software. Use the included user name and password to log into the Account Center so you can get the software and your product key. Step-by-step instructions are available on the Download Help page.

If you have not received your welcome email within 24 hours check to see if the email has been caught by your mail filters. Contact to have the email re-sent.

How can I get a trial of ReMarks’ products?

Currently we have no trial versions available. Please view the ReMarksXML training videos to see how it operates.

Can I install the ReMarks products on more than one computer?

Like most software packages, each individual user needs a separate user license. However, our End User License Agreement permits use of Remarks products on both your main computer and a second personal computer like your laptop. You are also permitted to keep a backup copy of the software.

Where can I get a copy of the End User License Agreement?

You can download a copy of the End User License Agreement in PDF format.

How can I get a printable PDF of the product documentation?

You can download a printable PDF of ReMarksXML Product Manual in PDF format.

What do I do if I lose my product key?

You may contact or use our contact form with your name, company, phone number, and email address to have your product key sent to you via email. We are happy to assist you.